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Landlord Services

In addition to our Property Promotion, Tenant check, FREE Powerful Landlord Software, Documentation Library and Legal Support, Brilliant Landlords provides a range of other relevant essential Landlord Services. Many are legal requirements for landlords, others are essential for your own self protection and peace of mind.

Landlord Services


Landlord Certificates
The most well known certificate required by Landlords is a Gas Safety Certificate, assuming the property has gas!  There are also Electrical Certificates and a mandatory Energy Performance Certificate (or “EPC”). Few Landlords understand their obligations in relation to EPCs and many are also confused about Electrical Certificates.  We have all of the information you need here and can also order these landlord services for you, saving you time, effort and money.

Inventories and Deposits
By now, most landlords are aware that any deposit from a tenant must be lodged in a government approved scheme, it’s been that way since 2007.
Only those landlords that have already learnt the hard way will truly know the value of an Independent inventory.  You can do one yourself, and it’s certainly better than no inventory at all but a tenants deposit is now almost impossible to reclaim for damages without an Independent Inventory.  So,unlike using an approved Deposit Scheme, Inventories are not a legal requirement, but they are a must for all landlords.