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About Us

Brilliant Landlords!

Brilliant Landlords was created by experienced Landlords in 2009 to provide Self Managed Landlord with everyday services through innovative software solutions. Brilliant Landlords offers all Landlords an opportunity to take control of the day to day running of their properties, tenants and tenancies through our innovative property management system, in a completely revolutionary manner that will get landlords better results and drastically cut their costs.

Our services are a completely fresh approach to the landlord market, offering you a complete menu of services through software built specifically for landlords like you. Not only does that easy to use software make your life easier, but it’s also web based and completely free of charge! So if you want to join the growing army of Self Managed Landlords, then you need to be a Brilliant Landlord!

What We Do!

We do Landlords Services and we do them well, in-fact you could say they were Brilliant ! We take Landlords through the whole letting process and, more importantly, beyond, making sure that they have all the tools necessary for them to successfully let and manage their own properties, from promoting their properties on the very best web portals to helping out in a crisis when tenancies go wrong.  On top of all that, we also provide our registered Landlords with a FREE powerful Property Management System, it doesn’t get better than Brilliant!

What makes us different

I think we can boast to have been one of the first “On Line Landlord Services” having been established in 2009.

Firstly, we are in touch with our industry because we’re Landlords, and that really does matter – we understand what you need and what you are going through when things aren’t going well. On top of that very important point Brilliant Landlords has something which our competitors don’t have and that is a fully functioning Rental Management System, available to all of our registered Landlords completely FREE – you will not find another system like this!

On Going Support

It’s all well and good advertising your property on popular Web Portals, finding the tenant and then letting it out, but what happens after that is all done? How do you organise the tenancy, the property maintenance, the legal issues, how do you run your property management? To manage all the issues and requirements of modern day landlord is not easy, legislation and regulation are an ever increasing issue, whether you have one property or 100 properties?  And of course there’s your Tenant to consider, how does your tenant interact with you when issues and problems arise?

At Brilliant Landlords, we took the decision along time ago that it wasn’t enough to simply offer great services at great prices, but those great services had to be backed up and supported by an even better rental management system, and if you use us for your services, that’s just what you will get, and it’s FREE !