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Anonymity Service

Secure your Protection and Anonymity for only £55 per annum per agreement.

Landlord Anonymity Service

Help protect you and your family and avoid dangerous confrontations and inconvenient visits thanks to our innovative and unique Landlord Anonymity Service.

What is the Anonymity Service?

Most self managed landlord will have their address on their tenancy agreements.  Those that use the address of a let property will be in breach of the law and have a potentially unenforceable agreement.  Those that use agents benefit from not having to disclose their home address to their tenants.  Brilliant Landlords is able to offer you this benefit at a fraction of the price, offering you peace of mind and many other benefits besides.

What are the benefits?
No chance of late night vists – be they malicious or simply because the tenants are locked out (their own problem!).

No chance of unwanted appearances and unannounced ‘guests’.

No chance of threats being posted to you at your family home.

No chance of violent, abusive or aggressive behaviour at your home in the event of a dispute.

Providing the address of a Property Management Business such as ourselves shows you are professional and have third party support.

We will be able to assess your correspondence to ensure you avoid any unwanted mail; any unwanted marketing and ensuring that you obtain our free assessment service for any and all of your mail under this service.

What are my options?
Landlords either use an agent, which will cost you the earth; use a PO Box address, which will cost you over twice our offering and comes with no support.  Use the address of a property you let would be unwise under current legislation – leaving you with the best option in the market, our Landlord Anonymity Service.

At less than £5 per calendar month, don’t leave covering yourself and protecting your home and your family until it is too late.  Apply for our Landlord Anonymity Service today.