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Formal Letters

Only £35 per Letter

Formal Letters

In scenarios where reasonable tenant communication has broken down, you are often one step away from an expensive tussle or an awkward eviction. Escalating the problem to a specialist can really help and this is where Brilliant Landlords and our Formal Letters proposition comes into its own.

You have given your tenant plenty of opportunities to put something right, catch up with rent or allow you access to your own property BUT nonetheless, despite your best efforts, the tenant ignores you.  Why?  Many times it’s because they think that they can get away with it, that you will be a ‘soft touch’ as many landlords are.  The only option you have is to go and speak to a solicitor or try to commence eviction procedures yourself.  But now, there is another way.


How does a Formal Letter help?
– It demonstrates that the matter has been escalated
– The issue is being handled by a professional expert
– We will have an understanding of your rights and their obligations
– It is a 3rd party letter, so emotions are removed, yielding better results.
– It demonstrates that your threat to escalate matters is real
– The tenant’s perception of the cost to you will be greater (often tenants assume we are solicitors)
– It leaves the option of reconciliation open before action is taken
– As a result of the above you will have better results in your dealings with the tenant.

All of our formal letters can be approved by you should you so request.  We are also on hand to offer our services should events take a turn for the worse; or even for the better!

What Makes Brilliant Different?
By offering a service such as this, it demonstrates that we want to find you the lowest cost solution possible.  We will not always recommend expensive legal action.  We want you to be a long term user of Brilliant Landlords – we are not seeking fast profits!