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Gas Safety Certificates

It has been a legal requirement since 1996 for a landlord to hold a CP12 Certificate or Gas Safety Certificate for any rented property that uses gas appliances.

The certificate must be renewed annually and it ensures that any gas appliance and flue in the property are operating safely and within current standards. It’s very important you keep accurate records on dates and certificates.  At no point in a live tenancy should your CP12 Gas Safety certificate expire, even if it is booked in.  Almost all UK landlords know these rules, so why are there so many problems?

Common Problems

It is such an important issue, with massive fines for any slip up and a responsibility for the lives of tenants too.  Have a look at the list of common issues below, and importantly, just how Brilliant Landlords can help you with each point.

Tenants Deny Access

Using our Legal Helpdesk we will be able to determine your rights and how to go about ensuring that access is not denied for this essential service.

Left Too Late

Often, problems are compounded by simply leaving things too late.  Thanks to our automated and FREE reminder service, this will be a thing of the past.

Forgotten About

Many landlords are incredibly busy, either with a big portfolio or with their own job and daily lives.  In these circumstances an inspection can easily be forgotten.  Thanks’s to our FREE reminder service, you will never forget.  If you, like most landlords, are busy then you can instruct us to arrange the certificates and inspections for you.


Undertook the inspection but have mislaid the certificate and cannot get hold of the Gas Safe Engineer? A more common problem than you might think!  Thanks to Brilliant Landlords, you no longer need to worry as you can upload your certificate to our secure document storage centre.  Simple and FREE.

Please note that charges are subject to an additional £15 for properties within the M25.