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Landlord Certificates

Legal Requirements

There are now a number of legal requirements a landlord must comply with when letting out a property. It seems that every year there is some new legislation for landlord’s to adhere to and it will only increase as demand for regulation grows.

Landlords Certificates are not optional, they are crucial, and Brilliant Landlords can help get your certificates quickly, cheaply and ensure you do not risk falling foul of the law, and what’s more, when the certificate is due for renewal, our system will alert you.

Whist Electric Certificates aren’t mandatory, along with Gas Certificates, we do recommend them. Brilliant Landlords is able to order these services for you; saving you both time and money and also providing a handy reminder service for the following year to keep you protected at all times and give you the peace of mind you need.

Order Certificates On-Line

Ordering essential landlord certificates couldn’t be easier. Brilliant Landlords has strong relationships with a number of national suppliers and our buying power means that we can offer you the best prices with the best service. Simply select the service you require, click the Order button and you’re order will be processed – that simple!

Energy Performance Certiicates



  • Energy Performance Certificates
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Gas Safety Certificates



  • Gas Certificates

Electrical Certificates



  • Electric Certificates