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Brilliant EPCs

Full Inspection & Certificate only £66
Certificate valid for 10 Years
UK Law dictates that all properties require an Energy Performance Certificate (or “EPC”) when they are built, sold or rented. It is thus a legal requirement for all landlords to have an EPC for each of their let properties.

Energy Performance Certificate

Whilst few tenants will be concerned with the results of the EPC, all landlords will be concerned with the possibility of a fine for not presenting one.  Not presenting a valid EPC also arms your tenants with an accusation that they can point at you in the event of a dispute.  For the incredible price, only £65, and the fact that a valid certificate will last for 10 years – why take the risk?

What is an EPC?

An EPC is an energy efficiency assessment of your property.  The graphical report is well known, featuring on new electrical appliances across the UK. Like appliances they are rated from A to G with A being the highest level of efficiency. They contain information about the current performance of your property and give you a ranking based on this.
They also make recommendations about measures you could introduce to make your property more efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and boost you ratings. D is the average rating for houses in the UK.  The certificate is valid for 10 years, although if you undertake energy efficient upgrades then you may wish to instruct another given their low cost.

Why Brilliant?

Who conducts the Energy Assessment?Thanks to our contacts in the Surveyor and Assessor markets, we are able to ensure we identify the best in the market.  We are also able to negotiate great deals thanks to the volume of transactions we instruct.

Only a qualified Energy Assessor may undertake an EPC.

REMEMBER:  Whilst Brilliant Landlords can help get you a low cost EPC quickly, you may already have one if you purchased your property in recent years.  EPCs are mandatory for all transactions relating to residential property, these include sales.  On any recent purchase, you will have had one before exchange; home sellers have been forced to instruct an EPC prior to even marketing their property for some years now.  These rules now also apply to Landlords renting property.  Unless you have a valid EPC you must instruct one before marketing your property.