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Legal Notices

Section 21 Notice – Download for FREE
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Housing Act Notices

The essential method for serving notice to a tenant or increasing their rent. These forms are simple, but useless if incorrectly completed. Brilliant Landlords can help in all areas.

Please note that these notice only apply to tenancies governed by the Housing Act in England and Wales.

How Can I Download Notices for FREE
Simply register and then download all these notices free of charge, as many times as you like.  Registration is free, simple and gives you access to a wide range of documentation and services, many are free, including our free landlords property management software.

Tenant Eviction

Evicting tenants can be very simple if you understand your obligations under the Housing Act.  There can also be serious complications for Landlords.  The free notices below are available to download but you may wish to use our expertise to serve your notices.

Section 21(a) or Section 21(b) Simply serving formal notice to your tenant, dependent on the type of tenancy (fixed or periodic).  There is no defence for a correctly served Section 21 Notice.

Section 8 Evicting a tenant based on a breach of the tenancy agreement or the law.There are a set number of grounds that this can be done through, all set out in the Housing Act.  There are many avenues a tenant can take to contest such an eviction request.

Rent Increase

A Section 13 notice is the tool for any landlord that is unable to simply increase rent through renewing their agreement.  Download yours here today by registering for FREE for complete access.