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Landlords Insurance

Landlords have many areas they can consider insuring. An expert in Landlords Insurance is able to assist in all of these areas to make sure that the landlord’s interests are correctly protected; and at a reasonable price too!

Buildings Insurance

Contents Insurance

Rent Guarantee


Landlords Buildings Insurance

A typical landlords insurance policy will include buildings cover and may include special provisions for loss of rent if your tenants don’t pay and personal liability if your tenants are injured inside of your property. What if you have a flood and they need re-housing, or putting up in a hotel for a few weeks or even months! Do you think a standard home policy will cover that? it won’t !

Landlords Buildings & Contents Insurance

If you’re renting out properties to tenants, chances are you’ll probably want specialist cover which includes more than your typical home insurance policy. Many landlords in the UK don’t have the correct cover, believing a normal home insurance policy is sufficient, but it isn’t and it may be in breach of the mortgage terms. It could also mean that you could be missing out on specific landlord insurance features. You could also be out of pocket and potentially liable for any property damage or personal injury to the tenant -it’s worth thinking about!

Portfolio Insurance

Owning multiple properties is the dream for many landlords. But along with the many benefits, it can be a hassle trying to sort out insurance for each separate property on an individual basis. Our Landlord Portfolio Insurance is perfect for landlords who own multiple properties,and the multi-property insurance could cost you less than taking out individual policies.

Rent Guarantee Insurance

Insure against loss of income through non-payment of rent. Rent Guarantee Insurance will protect you in the event that your tenant fails to pay the rent. If a tenant falls behind on their rental payments it could have serious financial implications for you, especially if you have mortgage commitments on your property. Our Rent Guarantee cover will maintain your monthly rental income if your tenant fails to pay the rental payments agreed between you in the short hold tenancy agreement. The cover includes the following: