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Portfolio Insurance

The simplest and most cost effective solution for any landlord with a property portfolio, no matter how small. Reduce your cost per property and only deal with a single annual renewal. Save time, hassle and money. Contact Brilliant Money today to see if you can convert to a portfolio product.

Portfolio Insurance

How can I convert to a Portfolio Insurance deal?

Brilliant Money is an FSA Authorised specialist that can help determine whether a portfolio insurance product is the product for you.  As an expert in the field Brilliant can also help you in all other insurance and mortgage related areas.

We are able to roll your portfolio into a Portfolio product one by one.  Brilliant Money will manage this process for you, taking any inconvenience out of it.  After under 12 months the whole of your portfolio will come under one policy and you will benefit from lower premiums per property and have a specialist product through a single insurer.  It also makes you a more valuable customer for the insurer meaning you will benefit from enhanced service levels.

The Benefits of Landlord Portfolio Insurance:

A single annual premium for ALL your properties

Less hassle

Lower price per unit

Deal with only one insurer


Brilliant Money are experts at Mortgages and Insurance advice, especially for landlords.  Brilliant Money is able to advise you on a wide range of products and services and thanks to the relationship between Brilliant Money and Brilliant Landlords, you are entitled to a 50% reduction of the standard fees and charges for advice wherever they apply. Not only will you be getting quality advice but great value for money as well.

Our software is also a huge benefit for you, yes, even for insurance.  We will send you a reminder if your insurance is due for renewal and once you key your details onto our system they will remain there saving you time and hassle every year.