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Tenant Eviction Service
Tenant Eviction and regaining possession of your property can be quick and simple if you know what you are doing. If you do not, then you can find yourself in a bit of a mess. Sometimes situations can get out of control, regardless of your knowledge or experience. For all of these reasons we have a experienced legal team on hand to support Landlords like you, we are confident that we can evict your tenants in the quickest practical time.
Download Notices

If you wish to serve the tenants notice to evict yourself, it’s not a problem, we have all the documents you need and what’s more, they are FREE. Click Here.
We also have the full range of notices available and can help to ensure that you download the right notice for your circumstances. Just get in touch.

Download Notices for FREE

Complete Notices Only £65.00

Combined Notices £85.00

Court re-possession services £225

Notice Service

Unsure of how to complete the tenant eviction notices?  Getting this precisely correct is absolutely essential, so if you don’t feel confident, our team of experts can help.
There is no need to pay for a solicitor to do this for you, we are experienced property professionals meaning we are able to submit the notices on your behalf without any problem and it will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Possession Services
Depending on the specific requirement and the extent required; we have a range of services that will help you through the more difficult sides of tenant eviction. Sometimes, the tenancy isn’t set up correctly, of the tenant seems to know more about their rights than you do about yours. Our Tenant Eviction Service can be a quick, inexpensive and an effective means of resolving any tenancy problems.

Important Points
Importantly, not only are solicitors expensive but they’re not in a position to help you avoid these same problems in the future. Brilliant Landlords is not only great legal value, but we always look to ensure that your current and future tenancies are setup in the best manner possible.  It may not prevent ALL problems, after all, human nature is human nature, but it will make a big difference!

Using our services can also make things easier as we can consider the other important aspects, such as ensuring your property is ready to let as soon as possible and getting it promoted quickly!  Additional services that are very relevant and not provided by many, if any, competitors.