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Stay in control of all aspects of your property management with our Landlords software that has already changed the market for residential Landlords across the UK.

Brilliant Landlords Software covers all aspects of you property management. Financial, promotional, regulatory and legal. Even better, the software includes a fantastic reminder service and alerts service as well as the capacity to enter your financial products and services on the system to get the most from your tax return!

All of this comes from a Landlord specialist business, not a Software Company, and that means we have an unrivalled level of support behind the scenes to ensure that any of your questions are answered quickly and effectively.  That said, thanks to our excellent array of online help tutorials and functionality demo videos, it’s unlikely that you will need any support with this user friendly system.

Like never before, it’s now all about cost and the bottom line, and whether or not it’s cost effective to continue as a Landlord.

Take an average rent of £600.00 per month and an average management charge of 10% + VAT, this equates to a monthly lettings charge of £72.00 per month or £864.00 per year, and that doesn’t include all the extras and add-ons that go with the management of the property.  Add in a month or two void period, maybe a missed rent payment and your likely to be into a loss rather than a profit, and then you might have to consider any maintenance issues or tenant rent arrears !

Despite what the press may say, Landlords are not rolling in money, margins are already cut to the bone, one bad tenant and the additional three tax hits in just six months will wipe any profit out completely, it’s fairly obvious that the government have got it in for the Private Rental Sector.

What Does It Do For You ?

  • Promotes Your Property Quickly & Cheaply
  • Makes Your Tenant Checks A Breeze!
  • Hold Details of Your Tenants and Prospective Tenants
  • Identifies Key Regulatory Requirements
  • Gives You Access To A Full Legal Software System
  • Runs Your Rent Log
  • Provides You With Statements & Information For Your Tax Returns
  • Allows you to upload documentation and diarise tasks that are linked to tenants, properties or tenancies
  • Allows you to order services or get quotes at the click of a button

Self Managed – The Profitable Way Forward – The Only Way Forward!

We can’t promise to make your buy to let profitable, that’s down to you, but what we can promise is that by using our Landlord Software, you will make it more profitable than it may otherwise be.

Our Property Management Software “LiveLandlord” has been specifically built for Landlords by Landlords and is so complete, it includes many aspects that will help you manage your financial products and services as well as your tenancies and properties. This totally different approach to landlord software along with the incorporation of landlords services will make your life far easier, saving you money too.

Integrated & Intelligent System

As well as supporting landlords in a wide range of Property Management areas, our Landlord Property Management Software is completely integrated meaning that any relevant data entered into the system is used intelligently to generate key reminders and set key dates for you. The numerous benefits of our software cover much more than simply Tenancy Management. Accounting and Tax output as well as Diary Integration, Documentation, Services and many other features.

Not only does our Landlords Property Management Software make it easier for you to manage your property than ever before, but it also automatically sets up reminders for you on your diary system and can send you alerts as and when required, meaning you stay compliant and are given plenty of time to consider sourcing new tenants, serving notice or to find suppliers, providers or products all in plenty of time.

Software Highlights

Create On-Line Tenancies
Manage Tenancies
Order Essential Services From Within The Management System
Identify Renewal Dates, Expiry Dates and Key Product Stage Dates:
Store Your Documentation Safely & Securely in One Place
Financial Management
Financial Management
Financial Management
Important Insurance Management

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