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Other Documentation

All Our Documents are FREE of charge for Landlords

Other Documentation
Managing a property portfolio or a single property can require a huge amount of documentation, especially when it is done correctly. Brilliant Landlords can help Landlords through this maze of paperwork and all at no charge.

As well as the documents you would always expect with a tenancy, such as the AST Agreement or Housing Act Notices, we have a range of further documents to support your property management.

Types of Other Documentation
As well as the standard downloadable document templates, we also have some of these tenancy documents, or documents related to your tenancy, as FREE downloadable templates.  As a registered Brilliant Landlords member you will be able to access these documents as many times as you choose from anywhere with access to the internet.

Additional types of documentation include the following:

–  Landlord Guides
Help and support with a wide range of topics for landlords of all experience

–  Tenant Application Forms
Ease the process for Tenant Checks

–  Standing Order Mandates
Help setup accurate bank payments from tenants

–  Agreements for Northern Ireland
Different legislation for Northern Ireland

–  Agreements for Scotland
Different legislation applies

To access this set of additional documentation FREE of charge, as well as our other FREE documents and services provided by the business and our FREE Property Management Software, all you need to be is a registered member of Brilliant Landlords.  Registration costs you nothing and comes with no catches.

If you have any other forms, templates or documents you would like us to add to the website FREE of charge for download and use by Landlords then please let us know, we would be happy to help.  To let us know simply Contact Us via telephone or email – your feedback is always important to us.