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Possession Services

Possession Support Service from £180
Possession at Court Only £585

Possession Services
This is a complex and vital area. Handling these issues without support can be daunting and this is where our excellent support services and advocacy contacts are able to be of significant help to all Landlords.

By the time things have got to this stage, things are serious.  Handling it yourself can be stressful and without the knowledge and experience you may not get the results you expect or need.  Using a solicitor can cost more than the benefit most of the time! This is where Brilliant Landlords comes into its own and can help you with repossessing your property without it costing the earth.

We’d love to claim that it was hassle free but as landlords, we know that at this stage it will be a serious pain come what may.  Our services will hope to minimise that and get you and your property back to what they do best, earning money!

Possession Support

For only £180 we can arrange for the Bailiffs to evict a tenant that simply refuses to move.  To find our whether this service applies to your situation please register (it’s free, quick and simple) and submit your case details.

Court Possession

For our services at the local court to support the instruction of a Bailiff through the courts and a court possession order. These services are available for £585 and include the presence of an advocate in court.  Once again, to determine whether this may be relevant, please submit a query (using the button on the right hand side of this page) and we will offer you a free assessment of your options.

Brilliant Landlords offers you much more than support on these issues.  We offer FREE property management software, a range of free documentation and other landlord services at excellent value.