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Selecting the right tenant finding business can save you money in so many ways.  Using a traditional or online letting agents can be expensive and will result in you having less control.  A professional tenant finding service will ensure that you retain control whilst finding the right tenants as quickly as possible, without paying the high agency fees.
professional tenant finders and self managed landlord service

Professional Tenant Finders can help save you money by finding you the right renter, quickly and cheaply.

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Nobody beats our price on promoting your property on the major portals, including RightMove and Zoopla. All with our query management and superb online system.

Find the Right Tenants Quickly

Maximum exposure means you minimise your void periods.

FREE Vetting

It will cost you nothing to make sure you have the correct tenants in place.
A full range of references, credit checks and ID verification are all available at NO charge to the landlord.

Trust An Established Business

Serving Landlords since 1994, we are a longstanding professional services business.

Professional advertising and tenant finders service will not only find you renters quickly but will also find you the right kind of tenant. Thanks to Brilliant Landlords, this need not cost a fortune.

This is just one stage in the property management lifecycle, but it’s a very important stage.  As a business we are seeking to support you to manage the property yourself and we can help you at each step of the way, whether this is your first time or you’re an old hand! Most importantly is our FREE property management software. Some businesses in our sector will only support you across limited areas, but we ensure you have support well beyond the tenant finding stage so selecting the right partner here will save you a significant amount of time, money and hassle going forward. Importantly, we are not solely an online business, we are real people and happy to help.

Finding the right tenants quickly is crucial. Corners can be cut in undertaking checks and vetting tenants which, in the long run, can cost you a significant sum of money. Choosing a professional service provider need not cost you the earth either.

An efficient business should be able to find the tenants, check the tenants and communicate with all in a fast but effective manner and should also attract plenty of customers which all allow it to charge lower prices. We are in this position ourselves and furthermore, our investment in technology has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition on service as well as cost meaning you get the most professional service at great value.

So how do you know who to choose?  Make sure you are always in control.  Ensure you have access to the reports to form your own opinions.  You will also need a business that helps you retain this information to support any claim you may make on a rent guarantee policy or similar product.  Brilliant Landlords ticks all these boxes like no other business in the market place.

Our range of services includes many free products and it is all backed and supported by market leading property management software.  Register today for free, with no strings attached and see what we can do for you property portfolio no matter what the size. We look forward to working with you.