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Property Advertising

Finding tenants fast is essential for any landlord wishing to maximise their property investment, voids are expensive and often unnecessary!. The most cost effective way of finding tenants quickly is to promote your property online, across the UK’s largest property web portal sites.

With  the help of Brilliant Landlords you can advertise your property on Right Move, Zoopla, Gumtree and many more directly at the click of a button, it’s simple, quick and doesn’t cost the earth, far from it!

With Brilliant Property Promotions

Effective property promotion is essential for any Landlord and thanks to Brilliant Landlords, you only need to upload your property description and photos once to the major portals and our system will do the rest for you, enabling your property to be viewed on RightMove, Zoopla and Gumtree and Many Others, for thousands of prospective tenants to see.

Because our system is an Intelligent Web Based System, Tenant Finding and Property Promoting through Brilliant Landlords is a simple process and can be done in minutes from anywhere at any time of day, even when your away on holiday, so you don’t have to lose any time getting your property advertised! Once it is done you can re-use or edit the details at any time you choose for future advertising.

Advertise On Major Property Portals from as little as £10.00 !

We are the only on-line landlord support service to offer selective advertising! This means you can select the specific portal you wish to advertise with, Right Move £20.00, Zoopla £20.00 and Gumtree £10.00 or you can combine and mix and match to get the most out of your promotion !

Our charges for our Property Promotion is a fraction of the cost a main stream Letting agency would charge you and highly competitive with other on line landlord support services.  Your property will be advertised on all the High Profile property sites and your advertisement will run until a suitable tenant is found. Ours is a  fast, effective and low cost solution that finds you tenants quickly and cheaply whilst keeping you completely in control.

We will take the enquiries for you, saving you time and eliminating any time wasters on your behalf. 

And we don’t just offer Property Promotion services and that’s it ! Once you have promoted your property we will keep the tenant details on the system allowing you to undertake simple or comprehensive background checks using our Tenant Checker system and once a prospective tenant is approved you can generate FREE Tenancy Documentation such as the Tenancy Agreement at the click of a button – it really couldn’t be simpler!

    • Advertise on RightMove, Gumree, Zoopla and many other Portals
    • Fast Effective Property Promotion From Only £27.00
    • Advertise on Selected Portals from just £10.00 – We’re the only ones who offer this!
    • Best Proposition in the UK Marketplace
    • Simple Easy To Use Friendly Intelligent System


And it doesn’t end there!  Thanks to our FREE* Landlord Property Management Software – “LiveLandlord”, you could also easily Self-Manage your property using our FREE* online system, saving you huge amounts in Letting Agent Fees !.

Step 1:  FREE Registration & Login

A simple registration form will take you a short time to complete then simply confirm the registration by clicking on a link emailed to you.  Follow the link and login using a password of your choice and your email address as your personal ID.

Step 2:  Enter Your Property Details

Our step by step property promotion form will go through the process of asking you all of the relevant questions relating to promoting your property.  These will include details on rent, availability, exclusions and descriptions. Example descriptions are given to help you should you need some inspiration.

Step 3:  Upload Your Photos

You will be given the opportunity to upload as many as 8 photos of your property.  To do this you simply need to load the photos individually as you would load any other file, or as you would attach a file or photo to an email.  You can then re-arrange the order simply by dragging and dropping to suit your selection.

Step 4:  Confirmation & Payment

You can preview your property promotion at any stage to make sure you are happy with the details you have submitted.  At the final stage simply confirm the details and submit your order to your selected portal or portals for payment.  Once payment confirmation has been received, your promotion will go live to our property portals – and then the enquiries will start; it’s simple and quick !

REMEMBER:  Once the details are on our system, there will be no need to go through the process ever again but you can still get all of the benefits!   You simply “click and re-advertise” the next time the property becomes empty. In addition,your property will be setup on our FREE* “LiveLandlord” Landlord Property Management Software which brings with huge benefits to Self Managed Landlords.

And We Won’t Stop There!

We will take tenant enquiries and vet the potential tenants based on your supplied criteria to avoid any time wasters, we will email and text the Tenant details to you for you to make the appropriate appointment and all of this will be listed in your Free Landlord Management System under the Viewing Tab.

Once you have found your future tenant, if you have selected our premium service, you will benefit from our Tenant Background Checking Services which offers even more value to our Landlords and includes the essential Tenant Credit Checks. If you need to complete the Tenancy Agreement or need help with a Tenancy Documentation, that’s on-line too, and all included in the price!

And when the property becomes vacant again in the future,your property details will be there, ready to promote each time you need a new tenant, simply log on to the Brilliant Landlords site and click to re-submit the promotion, at any time and from anywhere, it really is as simple as that!

Save at least 1 Months Rental Income!

–  compared to a typical High Street Lettings Agents lettings charges for Let Only Service

Save THOUSANDS of Pounds

–  in comparison to typical London Tenant Finding Charges

Save Everywhere

–  in comparison to any comparable on-line business and we will save you time too!

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