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Right To Rent

right_to_rent_passportAs a Landlord, you should know by now about Landlords responsibilities under the Immigration Act 2014, if you don’t know, you need to read on.

Brilliant Landlords provides a service to check that Tenants have the Right to Rent in the UK. We will check that Tenants have the correct legal documents to satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Act 2014.

We do this by using Law Society Accredited professionals who provide a high quality, fast and trouble-free solution to the complex obligations placed on Landlords by recent immigration laws. We act for Tenants, Landlords and Letting-Agents we can provide a service that fully meets your requirements.

Immigration Act

The Immigration Act 2014 brought in a wide range of new obligations that Landlords must comply with. Landlords must now keep evidence that their tenants have the correct immigration status to be able to rent a property in the UK. Failure to comply with these laws may result in Landlords being fined up to £3,000 per tenant. Failure to carry out checks properly could lead to Landlords facing:

  • Costly Civil Penalties of up to £3,000 per tenant

  • Loss of professional reputation

  • Expensive delays in getting tenants into properties

  • Uncertainty over how to comply with a complex set of laws and guidance

  • Increased administrative burden due to the requirement to retain all documents for inspection

Insurance Backed Guarantee

With our insurance-backed guarantee, we take on formal legal responsibility for checking that tenants’ immigration documents meet these requirements, completely removing any risk to you and giving you peace of mind.

Obtaining a Verification Certificate will prove your tenant’s right to rent and provide the following benefits:

  • We will take full legal responsibility for meeting your obligations under the Immigration Act, so you will not be subject to fines or loss of reputation

  • Certainty that your tenants have the necessary right to rent, leading to no unforeseen issues with the Home Office

  • We will retain copies of the evidence needed to show that checks have been carried out properly, so you do not need to

  • Quick turnaround so that there is no delay before you start receiving rent from your tenants

Our Right To Rent Services for Landlords

Certification Service



  • Carried out by Law Society Accredited Professionals
  • Initial response within 2 business hours
  • Online Forms and Guidance to make the process easy
  • Certificate will immediately prove that Tenants have the right to rent

Premium Service



  • Everything as listed for the Certification Service
  • We take on legal responsibility for verifying the status of your tenants
  • We store all documentation so that we can demonstrate compliance with all obligations under the Immigration Act 201
  • We will contact you a month before your tenants’ right to rent expires so you continue to be compliant with all your legal obligations