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Section 13 Notice

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A Section 13 Notice is used to notify tenants of an impending rent increase. It is in no way the only means of coming to such an agreement with a tenant and in reality it is rarely used by Landlords in the UK. We explain why, whilst also giving you access to the Section 13 Notice at no charge, should you feel you still wish or need to use it.

Section 13 Notice

How can I Increase the Rent Charged?

It is highly unlikely that any tenant will agree to a rent increase during the fixed initial term of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (“AST”), would you? As a result, these rent negotiations typically occur once the fixed period has expired and the tenancy is on a periodic tenancy.  This is typically after 6 months or 12 months.  In this situation, it is commonplace to mutually agree a rent change with a tenant and re-issue a new agreement under those terms, re-commencing a fixed term period of (typically) 6 months.

Under this arrangement, if the tenant does not agree then the Landlord serves a Section 21 Notice and re-promotes the property (hopefully with us!) at the new rent figure. This is the tidiest manner for any landlord to increase their rent.

Can I really charge more or evict the tenant for no reason?

If you are in a periodic tenancy then yes.  So long as you give the tenant at least 2 rental periods of notice to evict them if they do not agree.  If you are still in a fixed term then no, you need mutual agreement which is highly unlikely as most AST’s are granted on a 6 month fixed initial period within which a rent increase is unlikely.  Furthermore, the vast majority of AST’s that are not 6 month period will be 12 month agreements where the same principle applies.

Nonetheless – to access your Section 13 Notice, should you still require one, just register on Brilliant Landlords (it is fast and free)  and you will get access to all this documentation and much more besides!