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Serving Notices

Section 8 or Section 21 Notices Served for Only £65.00

Combined Section 8 and 21 Notices Served for Only £85.00

Serving Notices
Like many things, when you know how, serving notices to your tenants under the Housing Act can be simple. It is even easier to get wrong. If these cases, the cost of making a mistake is significant, for obvious reasons.

For this reason we offer Landlords a great value, low cost Legal Notice Submission service.  As experienced property professionals we know exactly what we are doing and as we are not solicitors we do not charge the earth!  For only £65.00 we will take as much of the pain away from you and ensure that the correct notice is served in the correct manner and is properly completed.

Mistakes Made When Issuing Notices
– Selecting the wrong notice to serve the tenant

– Not giving the tenants suitable notice (in terms of time)

– Incorrectly completing the form or wrong dates

– Omitting facts or text from the form

– Not delivering the notice in the approved manner

It Has To Be Right !

Any one of these above issues could be a cause for concern and you may not fund out the error in your ways until the day you expect the tenant to move out meaning that you would need to go through the process again, wasting another entire notice period.

At Brilliant we assess which notice to serve.  We will complete the notice on your behalf, with your verification, and will ensure it is completed correctly and completely.  We will then ensure that it is actually served properly and at the correct time.  As well as all of these valued services, using a 3rd party specialist such as Brilliant Landlords will add more weight to the notice.

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