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Tenancy Agreements & Much More

Tenancy Agreements – On Line or Download ?

The Tenancy Agreement is probably the most important documents for any landlord renting out a property and forms the basis of the letting arrangement between the Landlord & Tenant. Setting up a tenancy without a written agreement in place is definitely not a good idea as neither party will have written terms to adhere to.  So, as you can see, getting a written tenancy agreement and selecting the right document is crucial.

We offer Standard Residential Lettings Agreements under the Housing Act – better known as Assured Shorthold Tenancies (or simply “AST’s”) and Ltd. Company Letting Agreements.  We also offer lodger agreements, HMO agreements and agreement suitable for Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Brilliant Landlords offers FREE versions of all of these documents and a specially designed on-line system for creating a standard AST.

Why you need the right Tenancy Agreement.

In the first place, having a written Tenancy Agreement avoids misunderstandings and confusion. Without a written agreement, how can you prove the length of the term that was agreed or even the rent?.  Or, how can you evict the tenant you say has breached a condition of the tenancy if the tenancy doesn’t exist in the first place? Without an agreement you will soon be on the back foot and any lawyer will exploit your position should you wish to take possession action.

As well as this, having the wrong agreement can give rise to the tenant being awarded rights that they should not be entitled to. Selecting the wrong agreement will only favour the tenant as it results in a similar position as the no-agreement issue.

Adding clauses to an agreement that are unreasonable is also something to watch out for  as there are many AST’s on the internet which are simply enforceable.  Examples include tenants & landlords notice periods being reduced, requiring tenants to undertake unreasonable expenditure and much more . Regardless of what a tenant signs, you will not be able to override their statutory rights as enshrined in the Housing Act.

Selecting the Right Kind of Tenancy Agreements

If you live in the property you’ll need a lodger’s agreement; if you do not live in the property and you are letting to a single family in a standard residential property then you will need an Assured Shorthold Agreement (AST).  If you are letting to multiple families or multiple people then you will need an AST to be adapted to fit Houses of Multiple Occupation. If you let to a Company or you a Company, you’ll need a Company Let Agreement.

Important Documentation – New Laws and  More Regulation !

New rules were introduced in October 2015, known as the Deregulation Act, the new laws set out to deal with certain aspects of the Housing Act and one of these rules is the requirement of the Landlord to provide the tenant with the “How To Rent” booklet, failing to do this prevents the Section 21 Notice being issued. You can download the latest How To Rent booklet from our Document Library.

Guarantor Agreements – Limited and Unlimited.

We are seeing an increase in the creation of Guarantor Agreements.  Landlords are learning the benefits of getting a supporting Guarantor. You can download Guarantor Agreements to suit all types of tenancies; Limited, Unlimited & Deed of Guarantor, or you can complete them on-line along side the Tenancy Agreement when you use our On-Line Landlord Management System.

On Line or Download ?

All of our registered Landlords have access to either a blank printable Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement or they can simply create the Tenancy Agreement On Line and then print the document, this method is far better as it presents a professional looking tenancy agreement.

We encourage our landlords to do everything on-line using our Landlord Management System.  This way tenancy records are available at any time, anywhere so you don’t have to panic when the tenant asks for a copy of their agreement, you will be able to retrieve it immediately.

You will have a record of all the tenancies you create and you have somewhere quickly to refer to the tenancy when you need to, no longer having to look through the heaps of paper in the corner of the room, and what’t better is that our Landlord Software is FREE ! so why wouldn’t you use it?

But, if all you want is the hard copy Tenancy Agreement so that you can complete it at a later date, simply download the Tenancy Agreement document from the “My Documents” section of your Landlord Manager at Brilliant Landlords – go to