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Value for Money – You can’t Put A Price On Background Checks !

How much is your investment property worth to you?  Probably a great deal of money and it’s something buy-to-let-motrgage-400x164you can’t take any chances with.  Landlords should have a process which they follow rigidly when letting out a property and that process should include a formal tenant application and professional tenant background checks.

You should never take a chance with tenancies, you simply don’t know who you are potentially renting to! Getting a bad tenant out of your property will cost you considerably more than any tenant background check which will significantly reduce your risk.

At some time or other, most landlords will experience problem tenants , it’s just the nature of the business,  and whilst the risk cannot be eliminated completely, it makes sense to use all the tools at your disposal to reduce the risk as much as you can.

We offer a range of Tenant Checks to suit the landlords requirement. Cutting corners with tenant checks can cost you dearly; none-payment of rent will quickly eat into your deposit and it’s a sure sign that they will not be looking after your property, and that is far from the end or it. Many tenants are serial offenders and will seek private landlords that do not conduct adequate checks to take advantage of.

– The Benefits of Tenant Background Checks
– Tenant Checks will scare off poor quality tenants, often before you conduct them
– Better tenants; they will know that you are a serious landlord.
– Longer term tenancies; you will take on committed tenants.
– Independent Tenant Checks are essential for Rent Guarantee products.
– Don’t you have a responsibility to yourself and the neighbours of your rental property.
– Bad Tenant are on the look out for Landlords who do not conduct background checks !
– Don’t Take Any Chances – It Could Prove Very Expensive!

We cannot emphasis enough the importance of knowing as much as you can about your soon to be tenants and their background before you give them the keys to your property! These days, the majority of Landlords reference prospective tenants and with our Tenant Background Checks, it couldn’t be easier, giving you an full understanding of your tenants and guarantors financial status. And, if you want to add a higher level of security to the tenancy, you can select one of our Rent Guarantee Insurance products, which will protect you and your property even further if something goes wrong!

Simple Credit Check


per tenant

  • One Day Turnaround
  • Credit Check, Bankruptcy Searches
  • Credit Defaults, Loans & HP
  • Possible Aliases and Alternative Address'
  • County Court Judgement Seaches
  • Linked Address, Identity & Fraud Information
  • Aliases & Alternative Addresses

Full Profiling


per tenant

  • Track Application Within 24 hrs
  • Home Ownership or Letting Reference Check
  • Residency Check
  • Affordability Calculation
  • Full Credit History Check
  • Easy To Read Comprehensive Report
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance Qualified

Who Pays – The Landlord or The Tenant?

It doesn’t really matter to us whether it’s the Landlord or the Tenant but you are well within your rights to charge the Tenant for any Tenant Background Checks you do. Unlike some On-Line Landlord Service Companies, we have absolutely no issues with Landlords charging prospective tenants a fee to cover their
administration costs, one of which will be the essential Tenant Background Check providing that fee is fair and transparent.

Unlike some others, we have no issues with Landlords charging a reasonable fee for administration and document set up. We know what it’s like to be a Landlord and we know that not all tenants tell the whole truth, which simply wastes your time. Charging prospective tenants a reasonable administration fee in the knowledge that it will be used to undertake essential background checks, will also help to eliminate any time-wasters.

The Information We Need

Our system is quick and easy to use.  Simply complete our on-line form with the proposed tenants details and, press submit and the automated system will take over, it’s as simple as that.

Simply complete the basic information;

  • Tenant(s) Name

  • Tenants Address Details

  • Contact Number

  • Rent Amount

  • Address of Property To Be Let

It couldn’t be easier, or quicker !

We will get you the results back in a staged manner, ensuring you get the information as soon as possible. We will upload the data onto your own personal and secure document access area of our website, which of course is part of our Landlord Property Management Software. This means that it is secure and you will not lose the information should you need it for insurance or other purposes in the future.

Rent Guarantee Insurance Eligibility

Essential to determine how you are likely to be treated. If you have any problems here it’s a sign of potential disaster.  A quick and efficient reference here, alongside the other checks, can put your mind at ease.  You may opt to get references from 2 previous landlords just to be certain.

We have undertaken thousands of credit checks so we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to spotting something which doesn’t quite sit right with the application.  Whilst the final decision about granting prospective tenants the tenancy is yours,  we will offer you our expert opinion as to whether the applicants should be considered and under what terms they should be considered, i.e do they need a Guarantor to support the tenancy?

Watch How To Order Tenant Background Checks

This video shows you how quick and easy it is to order a Tenant Background Check. Tenant Credit Checks are an extremely important part of the tenant assessment phase and is just one of the services offered by Brilliant Landlords


The Tenant Registry Gives You Even More Background Information…..

Brilliant Landlords has recently acquired the UK’s largest on-line Tenant Database to add to our growing stable of dedicated Landlord Services, registry_logoand linking up with this database, helps us significantly reduce the risk of our landlords taking on a serial bad tenant.

The Tenant Registry is a website database set up to help landlords and letting agents avoid bad tenants and help find the good tenants, “limiting the risk”. We are a long established unique database which records tenant’s previous rental history and the conduct of their tenancies, information which is gathered from our members across the UK. – See more The Tenant Registry

With service and facilities like this, we’re hard to beat.  Alongside  our unbelievable pricing structure ……. now that’s just Brilliant!