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Possession & Tenant Evictions

Evicting Tenants Just Got That Bit Harder – Or Did They ?

Only if you’re a Landlord will you know and understand the frustrations and costs involved in evicting tenants, those frustrations and costs are increasing all the time and with the advent of new regulation, it’s become that bit harder to gain possession of your property.

In the world of “On-Line Lettings”, we think we are unique in our flexible and affordable eviction service offering to landlords through our On-Line Eviction System.

Site_Mac_EvictionIt’s all very well finding the tenants, doing all the background checks and setting up the tenancy, but what happens if and when things go wrong ?- and they do go wrong!

Our service to our Landlords is a complete service, covering the tenancy from it’s start to it’s finish and, where necessary, beyond !

To start the Legal Possession Process, the first thing to do is to issue a Notice of Possession by serving either a Section 21 or Section 8 Notice. The Notice issued depends on the specific tenancy circumstances and many other variables. Brilliant Landlords Legal Team will evaluate your specific case and on instruction from you, will issue the relevant possession notice and if you wish, we will take the case all the way to legal possession.

Evicting tenants can be straight forward if you understand your obligations under the Housing Act. There can also be serious complications for Landlords if you don’t understand the Housing Act.

Why are we different from other eviction service providers ?

Because we offer complete flexibility over the service you select. From our completely FREE Document Download service to our specialist Referral Service from our highly experienced, In-house Lawyer,  not to mention that our prices are arguably the most competitive in the market.

Importantly, not only are solicitors expensive but they’re not in a position to help you avoid these same problems or event mistakes in the future. Brilliant Landlords is not only great legal value, but once you are a member, we look to ensure that your current and future tenancies are setup correctly.

The Possession Notices – The Key To A Successful Eviction

Without a compliant possession notice, you will not be able to enforce a legal possession. These notices are the which a landlord must issue to a tenant when the landlord wishes to gain possession of their property. You cannot simply tell the tenant you want the property back, we wish you could, sometimes it would make things so much simpler!  You must follow the legal process and issue the prescribed documentation in the correct order, not doing so will prevent you from gaining possession of your property until you do it right!

By the time things have got to the stage where a possession notice is required, things are usually pretty serious and the relationship between the landlord and the tenant has just about broken down.  Handling the notice decision making  yourself can be stressful and without the knowledge and experience of the legal system, you may get it badly wrong, which could be very expensive and time consuming!

Using a Solicitor can cost more than the benefit most of the time! This is where Brilliant Landlords comes into its own and can help you with repossessing your property without it costing the earth.

On Line Section 8 & Section 21 Notice



  • Simple to use, Intuitive Document Creation
  • On Line Creation
  • System will guide you through the process
  • From 2 Weeks Notice Period
  • Serve Immediately

In House Lawyer Possession Notice Service



  • For cases where the Landlord does not want to get involved.
  • Complex & Difficult Cases
  • Arms Length Service, No Involvement
  • From 2 Weeks Notice Period
  • Served Immediately

Court Possession Papers, Completed & Submitted



  • Court Possession hearings, eviction hearings
  • Court N5 Form Completion
  • Court N5b Form Completion
  • Court Documentation Prepared
  • Submission Of Possession Papers

HMO No Licences, No Tenancy Agreement, Deposit Not Protected, De-Regulation Act Not Complied With, Violent Tenants, Sub-Lettings, Squatters,

Our Flexible Options Are Designed For All Landlords

Brilliant Landlords have built the ONLY On-Line System specifically for creating Eviction & Possession Notices.

Option One – Free Download


We don’t recommend that landlords attempt to undertake the eviction process themselves, not least because of the cost and time involved when it goes wrong.  However, we do understand that some landlords wish to do this themselves, so to assist, you can download the relevant Notices from us completely FREE!.  These Notices come with comprehensive notes on how to complete them and how to serve them and of-course, what to do once the notice has expired. Download Now.  

Option Two – Quick Professional Legal Notice


A possession notice is a legal document and if you’re going to issue a legal document, how it looks and its appearance is extremely important. More important, keeping an accurate record of this document is extremely important.  You can complete your own Notice using our easy to use simple on-line professional form to draw up the possession Notice. You can then download the Notice, which will be ready for serving on the tenant along with comprehensive notes on how to follow the correct process. Remember, if your going to issue a notice, make sure it looks professional!

Option Two – On Line Intelligent Notice


Our developers have created what is arguably the most Intelligent On-Line System for creating legal notices. You don’t need to be a lawyer and you don’t need to understand the legal process to create the correct notice. Our system will do all the hard work for you and if for some reason it can’t, it will tell you why it can’t and will give you the options available to you, including the option of uplifting the data to our in-house lawyers for them to review and advise accordingly.

All you need to do is to complete our Step by Step On-Line form and our system will detect any issues or problems with the tenancy so will select the most appropriate Possession Notice for the circumstances, it’s so easy and intuitive and at the end of the process, the Notice will be correctly dated and ready to serve.

Option Three  – In House Lawyer Legal Referral


Some Landlords want an arms length service so that they don’t have to deal directly with the tenant themselves, usually this is because of a break down in the relationship or even worse, perhaps the tenant is violent. Whatever the reason is, we will handle the whole eviction process, removing the landlords involvement completely form the legal process, our legal referral service is perfect for these landlords.

There are also situations which are so complicated that no matter how sophisticated our system is, some circumstances mean that a legal brain is needed to make an assessment and to decide on the best route of action. In cases such as these, Landlords are referred to a member of our legal team for full assessment and completion of the eviction documents by them.

Our Fees For Court Eviction

£255.00 *

The tenant may not leave the property once the Notice has expired, if they don’t, you have to no choice but to instruct the Court to gain legal possession, attempting to force the tenant(s) out is a criminal offence.

This is a complex and vital area. Handling these issues without support can be daunting and this is where our excellent support services and advocacy contacts are able to be of significant help to all Landlords

Our highly experienced In-House Lawyer will handle all the Court Documentation, prepare the case and present it to the Court as a fully packaged service. If you do not wish to be present at the Court hearing, we can instruct a legal representative to act on your behalf at the hearing.

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Our offer is complete, from the initial serving of the Possession Notices, through to the final eviction from the Courts.

Whether you choose our Intelligent DIY On-Line System to create your own Notices or you select our In-House Lawyer Service, we guarantee that we will take the quickest and most cost effective route to gain possession of your property.


Please note that these notice only apply to tenancies governed by the Housing Act in England and Wales. For Evictions in Scotland & Northern Ireland please call us. Court Action Fees * quoted here do not include any of the Court Charges, nor do they include the Court Attendance by our Advocacy Service if that is required.  We will quote you the Court Fees and Advocacy Fees when the Notice is  issued.