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Credit Checks

Tenant Funded so FREE for Landlords; Or £15.00 for each service, discount packages available.

Credit Check
It’s extremely important to know your tenants finances are in order, if they are then there should be no issues in paying your rent! Finding out this information in advance is essential and thanks to Brilliant Landlords it is easy and can even be done at NO COST to you.

A Brilliant Tenant Credit Check includes:

–  Full Bankruptcy Searches

–  County Court Judgements Searches

–  Credit Defaults such as defaults on Loans and HP

–  Electoral Registration information

–  Possible aliases and alternative addresses

–  A credit score

–  Linked individuals and more

Identifying any of this information after the tenant is in your property is simply TOO LATE and will probably be quite costly…

A Tenant Credit Check via Brilliant Landlords can be returned on the same day as we receive the information, meaning you get a quick understanding of the credit worthiness of the tenant you are considering letting into your property.  All of this can be done by charging the tenant!  Even if you decide to pay for the Credit Check yourself, it only costs £15.00.

You’ve just met your prospective tenants and you like them, but what do you really know about them? Probably not much at all!

Whilst we feel strongly  that your “gut feeling” plays a part in the assessment of potential tenants, you can’t leave it all to instinct, nor can you lave it all to chance !  As a responsible landlord, your first priority must be to have a tenant credit checking service in your armour – it’s probably the most important thing you can do before you hand over the keys !

We have undertaken thousands of credit checks so we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to spotting something which doesn’t quite sit right with the application.  Whilst the final decision about granting prospective  tenants the tenancy is yours,  we will offer you our expert opinion as to whether the applicants should be considered and under what terms they should be considered.

A Tenant Credit Check should not be undertaken in isolation; a good credit record is only part of a successful tenant’s profile.  Employment and previous landlord references are vital.  Not only can we offer these facilities at no cost to you the landlord, but should you choose to pay (and not charge the tenant) the charges are incredibly low.  Protect your investment and make sure you get Brilliant Tenant Checks, whether you choose to pay or not!

Don’t leave it to chance…  Contact Us today.