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Tenant Reference Letter

Tenant Reference Letter or Tenant References are vital for ALL landlords. Simply asking for the details is enough to cause problems for many tenants. When you can get references at NO COST to you, what have you got to lose by referencing your applicants?

Applicant Checks and Verifications

Thanks to our FREE Tenant application check, you are able to get full credit checks at NO cost to you, or for a discounted rate of £45 if you the Landlord choose to pay. Referencing plays a key role in these checks. We also offer these services in isolation in the unlikely event that you do not require Credit Checks and ID checks.

Brilliant Landlords offers 2 types of References:

1. Employment Checks
Essential to verify income, rent affordability and employment stability. It will also check the honesty and integrity of your tenant too.
2. Previous Landlord Checks
Verify independently how their previous or current landlord views these applicants, an excellent indicator!

REMEMBER it is important that you do not use references in isolation.

Referencing Problems to Avoid

1.  Tenant Provided References
A common technique used by rogue occupiers.  Insurers will not accept them and nor should you.
2.  Start Before Obtaining References
Surely this defeats the point or referencing.  Nonetheless, so many landlords are ‘kind people’ and fall for the pressure applied by prospective tenants.  Once the applicants are in the referencing process can grind to a halt (employers and landlords always need applicant permission) and the applicants has no incentive to push the references through.  Worse still, there is nothing you can do to evict them aside for the standard channels which protect tenants.
3.  Ignoring the Warning Signs
Taking on applicants that should be turned away will only cause problems down the line.  Short term ‘gain’ will always be followed by a serious problem down the road.  In this market there is simply no need.
4.  Late Instruction of Referencing
Instructing referencing too late can result in unhappy tenants.
5.  Non-Involvement of Applicants
Not encouraging the applicants to get involved and push references through quickly is a big mistake.   Employers and Landlords need applicants permissions.  Getting them involved not only helps the process to be as efficient as possible but demonstrated their positive attitude to the property.

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