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Why Self Manage ?

The simple answer is, because you can and because you should!

property management software It’s not difficult or even time consuming to Self-Manage a rental property, but if your the kind of person who’s idea of managing your own rental property fills you with dread and fear, then you really should consider using a reputable Letting Agent local to the property instead.

Letting Agents – What Do We Think ?

Despite the bad stories about Letting Agents (often unfair) and their predicted demise due to the onward  march of the internet and companies like us (not quite), there are some very good Letting Agents out there and they fill a very important roll in the letting process. If it’s  “arms length-hands-on” Lettings Management that you want then a Letting Agent will be the best course of action. We suggest that you check out a few agents local to your property, get some quotes and recommendations too. If you can’t do “hands-on” you’ll need someone local to the property who can take care of any issues when you need them.

On Line – What Do We Think ?

We completely believe that the On-Line route is by far the best option for those Landlords who are comfortable and confident (with a little hand holding of course) in managing and running their own rental property and that is why our business model is so suited to the Self ManagedTenant Only Landlord.

Currently, our top price for our Full Letting Only Service is £45.00, this service will generate enough enquiries across the biggest property portals (more enquiries than you will need!). Included in that price is the all important tenant background check. From there, you can bolt on any additional tenant_keys-1024x576services you require, such as Right To Rent, Inventories, Certificates etc, that is how flexible our service is.

If you do a quick check, it’s highly likely that your local High-Street Letting Agent will charge something in the region of £500.00 and more for a similar tenant-find service.

Depending on how many properties you have, you will save hundreds if not thousands of pounds by using our service, that’s a virtual guarantee.  What you have to accept is that you will play a roll in the process and that you will manage your own property, which of course would include attending property viewings, taking control of collecting rent and handling any maintenance issues, and yes, dealing with the dirty side of the job should that come along – evictions! Fortunately, for our Landlords, our software system takes care of so much of the tenancy process, managing your own property is easier than ever.

Brilliant Landlords Are Not On-Line Letting Agents!

Brilliant Landlords is not an On-Line Letting Agent and that’s because (apart from Right Move & Gumtree enquiries etc) we never deal directly with tenants on behalf of our Landlords. It’s our view that to be a true Letting Agent you have to be at the “coal face”, or at least very close to it.  In a way, an “On Line Letting Agent” is a contradiction, how can a business in London deal with a serious tenant situation in Newcastle?   it just can’t !

That’s why we specialise in the Self Managed Landlord Sector and we do not pretend to be something we aren’t.  We concentrate on Landlords who want to control their own investment properties but need help with certain aspects of the lettings process.

Our Landlords are hands-on and in todays highly regulated environment, we think that’s essential. We support them with fantastic products and a highly efficient support service backed up by constant investment in our Integrated and Highly Intelligent Software.

Whilst our products are top of the range, on the whole, there’s nothing unique about them, they’re very similar to our competitors, there’s no secret there!. However, hat separates us from our other friends in this sector is our Intelligent Management Software and it’s our Intelligent Software that will make you a successful independent Self Managed Landlord – and it’s our software that sets us apart from the rest.

What Would We Do?

As landlords of many years ourselves, If we wanted to use a third party to run and manage our properties we would want that third party to be near to the property, to have local knowledge and a real presence and we would want to know that we could visit their office to discuss any serious issues face-to-face, so an “Online Agent” just wouldn’t work for us, and if it’s “hands on” that you need, it won’t work for you either.

Can You Do It ?

In the time that Brilliant Landlords has been established, there has never been a problem which has occurred for one of our registered Landlords which they have not been able to resolve themselves. It’s not difficult to Self Manage, but like most things, there’s a learning curve and there’s a discipline involved, but we know you can do it.

We’ve tried to be as honest as we can in identifying who we are and what we do and more importantly, what we don’t do. If you use our service, we will save you money and make your business more profitable, you won’t be dissatisfied so what have you got to lose ?

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